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>Spinach flan in digital colours

>This week I must be desperate for green shoots outside because I am experimenting an awful lot with spinach and anything of the brightest viridian colour! 
Here is a quick family dish but tomorrow I’ll spoil you with a recipe tasted at Sketch last week and made yesterday in my kitchen: a bright green spinach risotto as creamy as they come; wildly attractive dish that could have been served to Alice by the Mad Hatter… or by Pierre Gagnaire‘s kitchen as it was the case for me! 
It was an almost graphic pleasure so I illustrate with some digital “body art” performed by me and my 10 year old son at Decode, the fascinating digital design exhibition in the V&A at the moment.

Spinach flan

2 whole eggs (beaten)
1 bag of washed spinach or baby spinach
2 spoonfuls of crème fraiche
2 spoonfuls of curd cheese or cream cheese
salt and pepper
40g of butter to melt in the steamed spinach
1 pinch of mace

Put the washed and strained leaves in a large pan with a lid and put a few minutes on the hob until they melt and soften. They will cook in the water released and so you do not need to add water or take any out at the end. Mix in the butter and cook a little longer to melt it. It is best to put the butter at the end when all the moisture from the leaves has evaporated ; it also avoids burning the butter!

Now mix in the cream and cheese, season lightly.
Beat the whole eggs and pour them in, stirring well.

Pour the mix into an oiled flan or pie dish. A small dish with a high rim will be best.

Put on the bottom rack of a hot oven to cook 20mn at 250 C.

Serve as a main dish with some boiled and buttered new potatoes.
You can replace the spinach with English spring greens or young chards.