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Pintade à l’orange, anis et hydromel – or guinea fowl with orange and mead!

I love
game and specially guinea fowl which is luckily in season at the moment! So tonight I made a guinea-fowl pot roast: I am a big fan of pot roasting for any bird because it keeps it juicy and tender and there is nothing worse than dry poultry… This one was certainly not dry as I cooked it in chicken stock laced with the rest of Mead (from a few posts ago) and lots of herbs. The young carrots and the turnips came from the organic farmers’ market and they were the inspiration for the recipe because I wanted them whole and fragrant and they make a really nice looking dish. The turnips came out moist and tender having soaked the fragrance of the fennel seeds and star-anis and tasted better than I ever thought turnips could taste.

1 plump guinea fowl (ask your butcher to chop it up in eight portions)
3 big shallots
1 orange, zest and juice
6 young turnips (peeled and chopped in halves)
8 to 10 young carrots (scrubbed and whole)
500ml chicken stock
1 glass of Mead or any sweet pudding wine
pepper and salt
crushed fennel seeds
3 star-anis
2 bay leaves
Handful of chopped parsley and chopped coriander
A few sprigs of fresh thyme
Rapeseed oil
Fry the chopped shallots with the rapeseed oil in a thick-bottomed pan with a lid. Then brown the meat and season well each of the morsels.
Add the stock, a glass of sweet wine and bring to a boil. Chuck in the herbs and seeds.
Add the turnips and the carrots – the younger and smaller the better so they can be kept whole and dainty. Add the juice of half an orange and its zest.
Bring back to a boil then put in a warm oven and leave covered for 45 min.
Go for a run, admire the sunset or do whatever you fancy while dinner is gently simmering – another reason to LOVE pot-roast!