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Dying for a burger? Why are trans fats still legal?!

Dying for a burger? Why are trans fats still legal in the UK? – Features – Food & Drink – The Independent.

Today as I am planning the next sessions of the Healthy Cooking Club (after Easter) and an extra session dedicated to adults, at the request of my lovely chums at Londres Acceuil, I have been surfing the net and wondering about a few health issues that continue to be my pet bugs! One of them is the proper labeling of ‘baddies’ in our food: How come we still have to lobby about that?!!! Does it not sound obvious to all that we need proper information about our food? about its nutritional quality? about what is in it? – Horse meat-balls anyone?! or a lot worse!

How about Trans fat then and how come I still can’t find these on the labels of the food I buy in supermarkets? Well… Here is some information about it

The trans fats in junk food are responsible for the deaths of around 7,000 people a year in the UK – and teenagers are most at risk. Elsewhere, these toxic substances are banned. So why are they still legal in this country?

Sorry if it feels we have to shout to get heard!

Click on the above link to read the article in the Independent.

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