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Apricot tart with Bastogne crumble

A trip to Saint Tropez this summer has inspired this simple but cracking recipe.

In the old village, I bought a delicious, caramelised and almost burnt apricot tart for dinner and back home now, I want to recreate these flavours: the tangy apricot, the toffee flavoured topping and the crunchy base, smudged in burnt juice!

Because of a die-hard nostalgia for Bastogne, I have decided to incorporate the biscuits into the tart topping but you can simply use brown sugar and cinnamon instead. Bastogne are the French equivalent of Speculos biscuits; crunchy and heavy in spices. They were my favourite after-school snack…

Ingredients list:

  • Pate bris√©e base (my recipe to come soon!)
  • Apricots 8 to 10, quartered and stoned
  • Apricot jam 2 spoonfuls
  • Cold butter 50g
  • Brown Demerara or Cassonade sugar 40g
  • 2 Bastogne, crushed

Roll out the pastry under a sheet of cling-film so it does not stick to your rolling pin and lay it into a pie dish.

Prepare and wash the apricots. Cut them up in quarters and arrange them, skin down, onto the pastry base. Pack them very close because they shrink when they cook.

Crush the biscuits into a folded towel with the help of the rolling pin.

Mix the cinnamon and the sugar in a bowl and mix with the crushed biscuits, then  sprinkle lightly all over the fruit.

Brush the edges of the pastry with some apricot jam, all around the rim.

Put shavings of the butter randomly on the tart and put into a warm oven at 160 degrees for at least one hour. It is ready when the sides are almost burnt and the fruit has turned brown.

Serve with Chantilly cream. I have just bought my very own siphon and I can’t stop using it to make all sorts of Chantilly and espumas… More on that in September!

A view into the oven…

Courgettes flowers in light batter

Our best loved summer snack in Le Midi.

Light batter for summer frying: Here is a quick recipe from Languedoc where the courgettes flowers are in season.
Ingredients list:

  • Fine flour (type 00) 100g (or 50/50 cornflour)
  • Egg,1
  • Raising powder, 1 tsp
  • Cold water, 80ml
  • Chilled Soda or Perrier water, 2 tbsp
  • Pinch of salt

Put the flour, the whole egg, salt, raising powder and the cold water in the bowl of the Thermomix.
Mix at speed 5 for around 2 min. And add a little soda water or Perrier towards the end.

This makes a very light, almost “tempura” like batter, perfect for frying courgettes flowers!
Slice the dry and clean flowers in two, dip into the batter and shallow fry in a pan.
Serve warm as a starter.

You can also fry other flowers, but do check for toxicity first… I know pansies and poppies are fine and I have even heard of tulip eaters but never tried!

Recipe curtesy of my grand-mother.