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>Hooray to Springtime!

>This is the time for new babies and wild flowers, for airing linen and chasing away spider webs. I searched the web for Tips for spring-cleaning! So let’s make room for new growth, new projects, new ideas et new flavours…

Today I had a very unexpected visit. Knocking at our door was a very ancient looking “sharpener” who explain in his tired and low voice that he has been touring this part of London for about 40 years but that “today my darling you are my only customer in this street… Last year, I had two.” A quick rummage in drawers and I managed to rescue a few knives and scissors for him to sharpen in his van. They came back gleaming and cutting beautifully. That is exactly what a good lamb roast will need this week-end! And the second thing that a perfect roast will be in need of is this Jellied Mint sauce for lamb.

Ingredients list:
Big bunch of mint chopped up
Boiled water 300ml
Vinegar 100ml
White wine 50ml
2tbsp of Agave syrup
1 packet of gelatine

Boil the water and put 200ml in a measuring jug then dissolve one packet of powdered gelatine into it. Blitz in a blender with the chopped mint. I used the new mint that has recently grown back in my tiny London garden. It smells like a morroccan bazaar…Put all back in the measuring jug. Add the vinegar and the dry white wine. Add water if necessary: The total amount must not go over the pint mark on the jug (600ml max). Add  a touch Agave syrup. Always taste as you go: this must be pungent and sharp with the mint and vinegar really fighting for attention! No blandness allowed!
Let the mix cool and beat it from time to time so the mint stays up inside the setting jelly and does not all end up in the bottom…

Put in a lidded ceramic dish or a jar and put in the fridge until set, still whisking it up a couple of times.
Enjoy with a lamb roast of any red meat- This is a fragrant and healthy substitution for shop-bought sickly sweet mint sauce but you can only keep it a few days!