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Asparagus risotto


This recipe comes courtesy of one of my favourite suppliers, Abel and Cole who deliver fresh boxes of vegetables to us through the winter months. Their book “Cooking outside the box” is full of great ideas to prepare interesting British produce such as Kale or swede, things that I had never cooked before!
But this is a recipe for now: the PYOs are bursting with asparagus ready to be picked…

Ingredients list:
Onion, 1
Olive oil
Risotto or round rice, 1mug
White wine, 1/2 mug
Chicken stock, 4 mugs
Large bunch of asparagus
Double cream, 2 tbsp
Grated parmesan
4 Strips of parma ham or Speck

The secret of a good risotto is simply that it must cook very slowly and with plenty of liquid.
Sauté the onion in a little olive oil then add the rice and slowly pour the wine: When it is all gone, you can start adding the stock but stirring all the time… Lower the heat if it is evaporating too fast.
Meanwhile, steam the asparagus spears for 3 or 4 min.

Add the cream when the rice is soft and still moist. Stir the chopped asparagus through, check it is moist enough and add some stock if not. Add the parmesan, pepper. Decorate with the ham and serve immediately.

Recipe from Abel and Cole

Classic Cesar salad

>This is dedicated to a lovely boy who has recently adopted it as his favourite dish… A dish signed with love – and illustrated by a kiss shot at the V&A.

Classic Cesar salad
Ingredients list for the sauce:
I soft boiled egg
2 anchovy fillets
1 garlic clove
1 spoon full of lemon juice
15 cl of virgin olive oil
1 tsp of Dijon mustard
1 tbsp of red wine vinegar

You will also need:
1 Romaine lettuce
A few thick slices of stale bread
Shavings of parmesan

This is a classic salad and it is a great “fast food” recipe: It is made by the time you dial the Pizza number and is much healthier…

First boil your egg (2 minutes from boiling point) in a small pan. Carefully peel the shell off: the egg white should be cooked but the yolk runny. If under-cooked it can be a tricky operation… However messy it gets, put the egg into a blender then add all the other ingredients one by one.

Blitz for a few seconds. It will go paler and thicker, a bit like a mayonnaise.
Now cut up your bread and fry the chunks in olive oil quickly. Dry on a kitchen towel.

Wash your lettuce and cut it up into a large bowl. Pour the sauce evenly. Scatter the “croutons” and parmesan on top. The creamy white sauce over the green leaves make a very pretty dish! No wonder it’s a restaurant favourite.

If you wish to make this a fuller meal, you can add fillets of cooked chicken or sliced ham. But I prefer it pure and simple and true to the original!