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Banana sauce for Seb

>A lovely banana and rum sauce for Pancake day and beyond!
 I dedicate this to my poorly love, in bed today and who likes that song… I’ve put on “Banana Pancakes” for you! Get well quickly.

Sugar 3 tbsp
Little butter
vanilla extract
rum 1tsp
cream 2 Tbsp
1 banana split lenght-wise

Warm the sugar with the butter in a wide non-stick pan until melted. Use a very low setting so it doesn’t burn – remember sugar burns and then hardens pretty quick!
Lay the sliced banana and cook it a few minutes on each sides. It should turn a nice and mellow brown.
Add the vanilla extract and rum.
Turn and mix until the juice released by the banana thickens a little, then add the cream.
Heat through and serve with pancakes or just on fried toast.