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Brick à l’ oeuf

This is without a doubt my children’s favourite meal. The sort of thing you whip up on a tuesday night, amidst a very busy week, when the food delivery is due past dinner time and the only thing you have in the fridge is a packet of “brick” pastry and a few eggs…

Brick pastry is a very thin, paper like pastry sold in some supermarkets and in most asian or mediterranean shops. It is used to make dainty meat or veg parcels or tasty rolled up and fried sweets. I try to always keep some in the back of the fridge… NOt to be confused with filo pastry, it is sold flat in large circles.

At home, when we were young, we would eat those “Brick a l’oeuf”  with a green salad and a sprinkling of cumin. No spice goes better with a simple egg than cumin! Take my word for it.

The instructions are easy peasy: take a sheet of brick, put it into a deep plate or a bowl so the sides are slightly raised. Break one or two eggs in the middle dip. Sprinkle some cumin and fold the sides up like a parcel.

Warm some rapeseed oil in a shallow pan and fry each parcel on both sides until the white is cooked but just before the yolk has set! This is the only skill required: The yolk needs to be runny so it oozes out when you cut up the parcel… Mop with the pastry and some salad leaves.

Brick a l'oeuf

Brick a l’oeuf

IMG_3205Enjoy a very simple pleasure.


Curried eggs and bacon muffin

Eggs are the most perfect food, packaged in the most perfect shape. 

This time-saving recipe uses a pinch of cumin or curry and that simple addition makes those eggs a delight fit for a Maharaja!

Curried eggs on muffins

Ingredients list:

  • eggs
  • butter
  • curry or cumin 1 pinch
  • Muffin
  • Optional: bacon slices
Just scramble some good, fresh farm eggs into a pan with a dollop of butter. Turn slowly on moderate heat. Mix a pinch of curry powder or cumin.
Fry the bacon beforehand and serve the egg and bacon over a nice muffin! Easy and delicious. Menus don’t have to be taxing – especially when returning from holidays, or packing for them!
Try rolling freshly steamed asparagus into a slice of smoked salmon and you’ve got a plateful of assorted flavours in no time at all. Now, time to edit those holiday snaps…