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Bubble tea- the healthy version!

Bubble tea or Boba tea is popping up all over town… Remember you heard about it first here… Or did You?

I have been very intrigued by this new food trend on the internet : a flavoured cold tea made with coloured tapioca balls! A foray into a Soho supermarket had delivered the “bobas” but I was very puzzled as to what to do with them. I understand they make puddings with tapioca in Asia but the idea of a drink seemed fun and I set myself the challenge to come up with a version I would actually be OK serving to my children.

This is not much of a recipe: more of a “How to” and tips…

Boil the tapioca balls in a pan full of boiling water for about 15 min. Let them steep and cool. Drain them and coat them with honey or agave syrup. Reserve in the fridge until ready to use.

Prepare a strong black tea (mint or earl grey flavoured) and leave it to cool.

The next day, put a spoonful of bobas into a tall glass.

In a shaker, blend the tea with a third of almond milk and a spoonful of almond cream (in health stores). Shake until frothy and pour onto the bobas pearls. Drink cold with the help of a large straw or a spoon to get to the pearls! They are chewy and quite fun to have. This version is healthier and not as sweet as the ones in bubble tea bars, I gather, but truly fun and quite delicious! It would be a great drink to serve at a kiddies party…

Matcha latte- A drink made in Chelsea

This is the sort of posh drink you would imagine the cast of “Made in Chelsea” sipping for their breakfast, still wrapped in a White Company fluffy toweling robe and all the while discussing the latest antics of so and so on their crystal studded Blackberry…

It is also delicious and healthy and packs a good punch against free radicals so your skin will remain radiant and smooth – and Botox-free!

A communal garden off Sloane street

Ingredients list for two glasses:

  • Matcha latte powder 1 tsp
  • Soya milk 250 ml
  • Agave or brown rice syrup 2 Tbsp

Dissolve the green Matcha tea into a little bit of cold milk, then add the rest of the milk into a pan, add the sweetener and warm this over gentle heat.

Just before boiling point, switch off and beat the liquid with a whisk to make it frothy.

Serve into two tall glasses. It should be very warm but not boiling.

You can add some more frothy milk on top like a cappuccino and decorate with a pinch of Matcha.

This is a particularly warming, lean but nourishing drink. I find it is a wacky alternative to coffee and it gives you the zing you require to go bouncing into the afternoon!

You can customise and add more or less sugar according to your taste and mood.

Tombo in Thurloe place (South Kensington) makes a very sweet and indulgent version – and I find myself regularly coming back for more… They also sell divine Mochi sweets to nibble on with your latte. I could give you the exact address but then I’d have to kill you afterwards…