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>Sunday at a car boot sale: London is your oyster!


If you have not sampled the delights of the summer day car boot sale, then you simply haven’t lived! It is worth getting up early in the morning to set up stall in a sunny field and watch as two proper Surrey ladies haggle politely with each other over a second hand cake stand you never wanted in the kitchen in the first place…
We had a clearance of toys and bric-a-brac from several family attics in order to bring a couple of cases full of bounty that the children tried to sell for pocket money. It was lovely for me to browse the other stalls while my junior street traders learnt to earn hard cash. Meanwhile I departed from mine: a Sherlock Holmes hard back for the price of a lollipop is now gracing my mystery-lover book-worm shelf and I almost plunged for a whole china service at £1 the lot! 
Morality: car-boot sales are great places to buy, not too sale… But it is fun, educational and it makes a great family day out either way! Next time we try Battersea, we reckon Londoners will be more cash-rich than the charming old ladies of the Surrey set. Check out Time out for a list of car boot sales near you! Trust me : this is one of the pleasures of an English summer…