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>Quinoa and ginger salad with horseradish dressing

>Feeling like a spring-clean of your soul?! Well, cleansing sometimes starts in the kitchen. With this timid springtime upon us I am going back to yoga and running in the cold but sunny mornings and I need the sort of detoxifying food to match.

Ingredients list:
Quinoa 150g
Passata (or crushed tomatoes)1 glass-full
Water 150 ml
OXO 2 spoonful
Pickled ginger
Chopped spring onions and cress 1 handful

 For the sauce :
Olive oil 2 tbsp
Soya sauce 2 tbsp
Mirin ( sweet japanese rice vinegar) or wine vinegar 1 tbsp
Wasabi paste (japanese horseradish) pea-size amount- Don’t overdo this!

Rinse the Quinoa in fresh water by passing it through in a sieve. Put in a pan with the water, the passata and the OXO. Cook on slow heat until all water has evaporated, take it off the heat and reserve. When cool, mix in with your fingers a handful of pickled ginger chopped up plus a handful of cress and spring onions.

Then blend all the sauce ingredients together and have a taste: I love it when it’s got a good bite and is full of mingling exotic flavours. Do be careful when adding the wasabi though as this is powerful stuff and it is easier to add than to take out!

When I feel like fresh, clean tastes, I always tend to fall back onto Japanese ingredients as they seem to bring just the exact spot of healthy but flavoursome detox!
Have a sharp green tea with this lunch and you will feel wholesome and virtuous, ready to tackle any free radicals! A jump on my bike to the yoga class is what I will want next. If I’m good…


>Soba salad with king prawns

>Soba salad with king prawns

Ingredients list:
Soba noodles (1 bunch for each guest- love the way they’re tied with a paper ring…)
A few handfuls of baby spinach
3 or 4 sliced Parisian mushrooms
2 shredded spring onions (I have a great little Japanese tool for that with tiny blades that do the job itself very quickly)
1 handful of frozen peas
1 handful of king prawns (frozen or fresh)
1 handful of frozen pacific scallops
1 dash of soya sauce
1 crushed bite-size chunk of fresh ginger
1 dash of rapeseed oil
A few cashew nuts

Oyster sauce , Japanese pickled ginger and wasabi to serve.

This I made twice today for lunch (for me) and for my daughter after school so this recipe is twice tried and tested! Soba is made with buckwheat and a very healthy alternative to wheat pasta.

Put the soba noodles 4 min in boiling water. Drain and rinse under a cold tap. Put aside.

Put some oil in a thick-bottomed pan and quickly fry the parsley and shallots. Turn down the hob and add the other ingredients. Cover and cook for another 4 to 5 minutes on slow heat. The natural juice of the spinach will be released and the other ingredients will be steamed in the pan. All the flavours mingle at once and the slow cooking keeping all the goodness of the food inside the pot. I am a big fan of slow cooking and I need to write about it soon as it is so good for the health as well.

Serve the salad at room temperature with the pickled ginger and the oyster sauce on the side. A pinch of wasabi will make it more real but it is up to your own taste. I love its bite and freshness and would put it on every single seafood if I let myself!

This was fresh and healthy and delicious, hence perfect to open the new season with, in the first days of spring. And to celebrate the first camellia bloom in my garden! Rather later than usual…
Wine note: Riesling, I am told, goes beautifully with exotic food… Any other suggestion welcome, please!