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Goat milk yogurt with orange blossom – not just for kids!

Recently, I have been switching to goat milk for my family yogurt making and here it is, a very easy treat!

Ingredients list:

  • Fresh full fat goat milk 1L
  • Live unsweetened yogurt 1 pot
  • Powder semi skimmed milk 1 potful (use the empty pot above!)
  • Orange blossom water 2 Tbsp

Use the milk at room temperature. If it is fresh and pasteurised, there is no need to heat it.

Add the live yogurt, the powdered milk and the orange blossom water. Mix it all in, avoiding all lumps, and pour in one large pot or individual terracotta or glass jars.

Leave overnight into a warm oven on lowest setting (usually 40 degrees) or use a steamer with a yogurt setting and leave for 8 hours. I use the Magimix steamer and leave it overnight to wake up to deliciously creamy  set yogurt.

You can add berries, jam or honey to this but I just prefer it straight with nothing added, just the freshness of the milk and the orange blossom water.

Obviously, you can do the same recipe still with organic whole cows milk.


Mix and pour

Mix and pour

Sark island kid goats

Sark island kid goats

Nutrition notes: Goat milk is generally better digested than cows milk and is part of a traditional Mediterranean diet in the shape of both cheese and yogurt. Try and choose organic milk for it contains less antibiotics and hormones than non-organic ones.

Quick yogurt in oven or steamer

This is more of a tip, less than a recipe.
I have been making velvety yogurt in my oven since last year and I have just purchased a brilliant Magimix electric steamer. It obviously does a hell of a lot more, but what this steamer does to perfection is yogurt because it has a 40 degrees position. But oven or steamer, the recipe is the same and works every time:

Take one litre of the best, creamiest organic milk possible, one organic full fat yogurt pot (small Yeo Valley will do) and the same pot full of skimmed powder milk. Mix it all and whisk until smooth. Pour into a jug and then fill 8 to 10 yogurt pots or 6 jam pots. Put into your oven at less than or about 50 degrees or use an electric steamer such as mine. Leave for 10 hours and wake up to the creamiest, most delicious yogurt! Promise!

I do not like sugar in my yogurts but I do put a spoonful of orange blossom water. You can innovate with any other fragrance but this works best for us.
The trick is to use very good, full fat milk and use it at room temperature – I do not bother with heating it up anymore – unless you are lucky enough to use raw milk.

Into clean jars

Into clean jars

Into the steamer for 10 hours at 40 degrees

Into the steamer for 10 hours at 40 degrees

I dedicate this to Tina who said she loved my yogurts on saturday! She won’t be so impressed now she knows it is ridiculously easy to do…IMG_9159

Yogurt with orange blossom

Last year, I gave you my recipe for a homemade yogurt without yogurt maker. This year, I have perfected it by using my Thermomix and here is the adapted version. Of course, if you don’t have the machine, you can use last year recipe and still produce a lovely, creamy yogurt with just hob and oven. But the 2013 model is just a bit quicker!


My set but fluffy yogurt…

  • Fresh full fat milk 1L
  • Live unsweetened yogurt 1 pot
  • Powder semi skimmed milk 1 potful (use the empty pot!)
  • Orange blossom water 2 Tbsp

Heat the milk for 20 min. at 80 degrees. Let it cool down to about 40 degrees (or touch warm if you have not got a jam thermometer).

Add the live yogurt, the powdered milk and the orange blossom. Mix 3 min at speed 3.

Re-heat at 37 degrees for 10 min. speed 2.

Transfer the mix into glass or ceramic jars and leave overnight in the oven heated at 40/45 degrees. You will need about 8 jars.

And that is it . You will have creamy, freshly churned yogurt ready for you in the morning! You can adjust the oven time depending on wether you like it more set or more liquid.

I take mine with a sprinkling of fruit and nuts and a dash of agave syrup. This yogurt will keep easily for a few days in the fridge.

Apple and raisin yogurt cake for the week-end!


This is an appley variation on the classic Yogurt cake recipe, and by popular demand this is now our yogurt cake recipe! A delicious family secret.
Note: Pre-soak the raisins and currants in brandy the night before, it will give this cake a nice but subtle flavour.
Ingredients list:
Butter 150g
Flour 200g
Bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp
Yogurt 150g
Brown sugar 150g
Eggs 2
Raisins and currants 150g
Apples cored and sliced, 2
1 capful of Vanilla essence
Mix the sugar and butter in a food processor until creamy and light.
Add the slightly beaten eggs, flour with bicarbonate and yogurt: Use whole milk yogurt, not fat free!
The mix should be light and create a ribbon.
Fold in the drained raisins and the apple slices.
Bake 30 min at 180° C.
This has become a family favourite and my children absolutely loved it! 
   Yet it is surprisingly quick to make.

Homemade yogurt in a family size pot!


Love the flower shaped pot!

Deceptively simple and totally delicious…
Ingredients list:
1 litre of organic whole milk
1 pot of live yogurt (and subsequently some off your latest batch…)
Half the yogurt pot of sugar
One full pot of powdered milk
2 tsp of orange blossom water

Warm the milk to 50°C – check with a jam thermometer if possible or just the back of your hand: warm but not burning! Leave it for 5 min. then take it off the hob to add the other ingredients. I use the yogurt pot to measure everything else for ease. Add the powdered milk, the sugar and flavouring and put it back on the hob for 4 to 5 minutes until all is dissolved. Do not let it go too hot. Add the live yogurt and whisk briskly.

Pour into individual glass pots or jam jars or a large glass container as here. This recipe will make enough yogurt for a family for a few days- if you eat yogurt every day.

Put the pots in a slightly warm oven (50°) and leave them for 8 hours. I myself put it as I went to bed and woke up the next day after my 9 hours sleep with perfectly creamy yogurt to enjoy for breakfast – Bliss! The result was a set yogurt with an incredibly creamy consistency and the cleanest taste ever.

Tonight I shall do the same but this time I ‘ll leave the sugar out and use the zest of a bergamot I have purchased from Natoora… Pure luxury shopping! Can’t wait to taste my Earl Grey flavoured yogurt tomorrow…

This recipe was inspired by a lengthy search on the Internet and specifically by conversations going on the lovely illustrated site tambouille.fr.