The Healthy Cooking Club


Watch my homemade video on Utube about sport, kids and nutrition: I dedicate it to all the under 17 running the London Mini-Marathon on sunday! Hope we all have a great day!


The club is designed for children aged 7 to 14 who are keen on cooking and want to know more about looking after their own health. We will have fun preparing delicious meals and treats and learning about cooking and baking.

In our 3 hours workshop, we will cover all aspects of healthy cooking, from kitchen hygiene and how to choose the right ingredients to planning and preparing a simple but balanced meal that we will then share together!

The sessions run from 10am to 13pm and include final tasting of the food prepared plus a goody bag and chef hat to take home.

Participation is £25 per child based on a maximum of 8.

Looking forward to cooking with your children!


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New dates to be advised!

Examples of past menus:

Menu for the 8th of August 2012

Red rice and quinoa salad with carrots

Grilled salmon with miso marinade

and yogurt espuma

Oatmeal and raisins cookies

Fruit and nuts energy balls

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