Apple pie glory: My favorite winter comfort food


Deep retro apple pie


For the pastry topping:

150g cold butter

180 g plain flour

20g almond powder

50g muscovado brown sugar plus extra caster sugar for sprinkling

80ml of cold water


For the filling:

3 large apples (jonagold or bramley)

1 handful of brown muscovado sugar

1 spoonful of cornflour

a few blackberries, plums or dried prunes (optional but nice)

1 capful of orange blossom water



Blitz the pastry ingredients in the mixer and roll in a ball. Reserve in the fridge in a plastic bag while you do the fruit filling.


Warm the oven to medium high.

Dice the apples and mix the sugar and spices with the fruit. Put the fruit in a deep pie dish, sprinkle the cornflour and dot with the orange scented water.


Roughly roll out a slab of pastry. Cover the dish with it, stretching it to the sides and making sure you create a snug topping. Don’t worry if it is uneven, looks don’t matter – here at least. Pull and tuck as necessary. Carve a small hole on top with a sharp knife. Sprinkle the extra caster sugar over it.


Put in the middle rack of a warm oven for 1hour, then raise the temperature for 10 mn to get a golden top.

Serve warm with whipped cream or ice cream and wait for the compliments!


Preparation 15min

Baking 1h10min

Oven 140 degree Celsius then 160 to brown the top.

One response to “Apple pie glory: My favorite winter comfort food

  1. >Hummmm…my plan for sunday? try Diane's apple pie recipe!

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